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Hello, World!

My name is Brian Dady. I am a self-taught developer living in Chicago. Always learning, always growing. Check me out. You can learn to pronounce my name here:


automatica PHP

Automática is a PSR-4 compliant autoloader

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My personal website, using the GitHub API to display my public repos and contact information.

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CRUDy is a PHP framework for classic CRUD sites.

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dnd-beyond-dashboard Hack

Quickly reference and search for content on D&D Beyond

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hyacinth PHP

Hyacinth makes it easy to create HTML with PHP using object-oriented programming.

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idle-hands JavaScript

Manage user inactivity across all browser windows with automatic redirect and dialog prompt.

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jquery-idle-hands CSS

A jQuery plugin for managing user inactivity timeouts across browser windows.

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MMM-Quiche-Holder JavaScript

A MagicMirror² module for displaying a photo of a delicious quiche from

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php-url-to-link PHP

Allows for parsing simple URLs from a string and/or converting them into HTML anchor tags

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quiche-holder PHP

An API for generating placeholder images of the wonderfully versatile, always delectable quiche!

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quiche-holder-engine PHP

The simple image engine behind Quiche Holder.

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wallpaper-engine-projects JavaScript

A collection of wallpapers for Wallpaper Engine

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wordpress-site-banner PHP

A WordPress plugin allowing you to display custom content in banners at the top of your website.

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